We teach and support teachers in low resourced and fragile contexts using practical and creative low tech media, so that every child can access quality education and fulfil their potential. We can, of course, also use technology where there is internet access.

Google Classroom

We have specialised working in low resourced contexts with little or no access to broadband, but with increasing access to mobile connections. COVID-19 has created an increasing gap between the digital rich and poor contexts and we believe this divide will be closed. We are becoming increasingly connected to our teachers and their learners through online synchronous training, as well as developing low technology alternatives,  such as audio and radio broadcast scripts for education of learners and teacher training. It is the future. But in some contexts the progression is slower than in others. We will work at the pace of our clients needs.

Approximately half of the world’s population (some 3.6 billion people) still lack an internet connection. This means that at least 463 million or nearly one-third of students around the globe cannot access remote learning, mainly due to a lack of online learning policies or lack of equipment needed to connect from home. Most students do not have the appropriate connectivity, device and digital skills required to find and use educational content dependent on technology.